“There is a beautiful union that exits between all human beings despite the myriads differences that separate us, where at the core of our being, we all yearn to be loved, to be accepted for who we are, and to be free from the shackles that hold us back so that we may soar to the heights of our fullest potential.

It is a priceless gift that I am able to alleviate the unnecessary sufferings of others, and it fills my heart with immense gratitude and joy to witness a human being break free to spread their wings to fly.”

- Phuong Dang

L.I.F.E Atelier - The Art of Living a Truly Rich Life

A truly rich and fulfilled life goes beyond financial success and accolades. It requires essential qualities of freedom of mind, a deep sense of peace to feel joy every day, strong meaningful relationships and an enthusiasm for life with passion and purpose. These are the things that matter most when looking back on our lives.

Are you tired of feeling exhausted and unfulfilled, of pressure and suffering, anxiety and stress, or destructive habits and sabotaged patterns, despite how things may look good from the outside with your success and achievement? Do you feel like there's something missing in your life, something money cannot buy?

And that’s why Phuong Dang established L.I.F.E Atelier just for you.

Come join us if you are ready to break free from feeling half-filled to fulfilled, and learn the art of living a truly rich life where you can have it all: more success and legacy from a place of freedom and joy instead of fear and limitations.


As a world-class transformation specialist with over twenty years of experience working in the realms of human potential, emotions, and mindset freedom, Phuong Dang can help you discover true inner freedom and access your greatness to create your own life masterpiece of Legacy, Impact, Fulfilment, and Energy (L.I.F.E).

Phuong’s unique and highly praised background as an artist, creator, writer, presenter, and entrepreneur, spans from High Fashion as a creative force behind fashion houses such as Chanel, Prada, Alexander McQueen, to Fine Art as an artist with a Master Degree and many solo exhibitions worldwide. In addition, this extends to Phuong Dang Perfume line, described as liquid emotions, sold in North America, Europe, Middle East, and featured in publications such as The New York Times, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Oprah to name a few, and to Personal Development as an international certified transformation professional.

Such comprehensive careers bring unique perspective and insights to her one-on-one transformative sessions for private clients from all walks of life, including C-level executives, leaders, high achievers, entrepreneurs, sport personalities, and creative individuals in music, architecture, art, and design.

With her deep listening, extensive knowledge, expert skills and nurturing attention draw upon her own life experiences and personal growth journey through both the high and the low of her careers, Phuong has inspired, empowered and guided many people to heal themselves, reclaim who they are and become their true potential.

We invite you to join L.I.F.E Atelier Transformation Program to acquire new knowledge, clarity, personalized skills, and partner up with Phuong Dang herself to walk the PATH with you to achieve breakthroughs to next level mindset (freedom of mind), heart-set (agility of emotions), health-set (vitality of health), and soul-set (liberated spirit) as the foundation for unstoppable performance, stronger leadership, more success, exquisite communication and influence, deeper relationships, healthier body and a peaceful mind.

You will also learn the secret of creating profound permanent transformation five (5) times faster, reset your habits, daily rituals, and implement new skills into your life, in a state of ease instead of constant exhausting controlling efforts. This will maximize your time and energy to inspire a new way of living: from limitations and stress to freedom and joy.

After having achieved results, you will secure the membership to join Phuong Dang's V.I.P Club – Very IMPACTFUL People Club, which provides opportunities to make new connections, collaborate with like-minded people, and access great resources to create even more significant impact in the world.

"Don’t just aspire to be successful, aspire to make a difference" - Phuong Dang

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